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What is Texas FAIR Plan Association?

Texas FAIR Plan Association’s mission is to provide essential residential property insurance products and services for eligible Texas policyholders when no one else will. In 1995, the Texas Legislature provided the statutory authority for the creation of the Texas Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan – commonly known as Texas FAIR Plan Association, FAIR Plan, or TFPA – to deliver residential property insurance to Texas residents in areas designated by the Commissioner of Insurance as underserved.


The FAIR Plan was activated for the entire state of Texas in December 2002 to address insurance availability problems resulting from the mold crisis, during which significant mold and water damage claims were filed in Texas and companies significantly reduced their writing of new and renewal policies.

Working at Texas FAIR Plan

Texas FAIR Plan Association, at the direction of its Governing Committee, is managed by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). Working at TFPA means being part of a team that is qualified, innovative, passionate about its contributions, and acutely aware of its responsibility as a steward of the public trust. Being a member of the TFPA family means:

  • Providing quality service to our policyholders
  • Valuing the interests of our broad spectrum of stakeholders
  • Ensuring the financial sustainability of the enterprise
  • Operating efficiently in order to achieve the best use of policyholder funds
  • Being a steward of the public trust and holding ourselves to a high standard of ethics
  • Objectively measuring performance and being accountable for results

To learn more about our culture and benefits, visit the Working at TWIA section of www.twia.org/about-us.

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Governing Committee

Texas FAIR Plan Association is administered by an 11-member Governing Committee. The Governing Committee is composed of five members who represent the interest of insurers, four public members who live in Texas, and two members who are general property and casualty agents. The Texas Commissioner of Insurance or an employee of the Texas Department of Insurance serves as an ex officio member of the Governing Committee. Members serve a term of two years.

Meet the Committee


Upcoming Meetings

TFPA Governing Committee meetings are held each quarter. Meetings in 2021 are scheduled for the following dates:

  • -March 22, 2021: Meeting agenda is available here, and meeting materials are available here. Register to attend the meeting via Zoom here.
  • -May 17, 2021
  • -August 2, 2021
  • -December 6, 2021


Texas FAIR Plan Association operates as an insurance company by issuing policies, collecting premiums, and paying losses. Any net gains from operations are held by TFPA in surplus to pay for future claims. TFPA is goverened by Chapter 2211 of the Texas Insurance Code; however, it is not a state agency and does not receive funds from the general revenue.


Texas FAIR Plan Association also functions as a pooling mechanism that allocates losses back to the insurance industry. All insurers that are licensed to write property insurance and that write residential property insurance in Texas are members of Texas FAIR Plan Association. All member insurers must participate in the writings and losses of TFPA. Texas FAIR Plan Association does not return any premiums to its member companies.

Coverage and Eligibility

Texas FAIR Plan Association provides limited coverage for one- and two-family residential dwellings, townhouse units, manufactured homes, and condominium units that meet its underwriting standards.


As a market of last resort, coverage available through Texas FAIR Plan Association is not as comprehensive as coverage available through the voluntary market. TFPA does not compete with the private market and applicants must have two declinations from other insurers in order to obtain coverage with TFPA.


TFPA is authorized to issue policies throughout Texas; however, it is not authorized to provide windstorm and hail insurance for properties eligible for coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

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