Policy Moratorium Lifted

Today, January 20, 2022, the TFPA policy moratorium was lifted for Bastrop County. We are now issuing policies for new and increased coverage for properties in Bastrop County. Applications received during the […]

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Texas FAIR Plan Association provides coverage to residential properties that are denied by other insurance carriers.

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Apply for Coverage and Maintain Eligibility


To be eligible for TFPA coverage, a property must meet certain requirements established by the Texas Legislature. These include property type (residential dwellings, townhouse units, etc.), denial of coverage from at least two insurance companies actively writing residential property coverage in Texas, adherence to underwriting guidelines of ownership, condition, occupancy, and more.
TFPA does not sell policies directly to consumers. To obtain coverage, you will need to work with a Texas-licensed insurance agent who is registered with us (find one here).

We Insure Texas Homes

TFPA was established by the Texas Legislature to provide essential property insurance for eligible Texas policyholders when no one else will. The Texas Legislature provided the statutory authority for the creation of the Texas FAIR Plan Association in 1995. That statute was enacted in 2002 and TFPA was created.
Texas FAIR Plan Association does not compete with the private market and applicants must have two declinations from other insurers in order to obtain coverage with TFPA.

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