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        Additional Options to Report a Claim:

        • Call Us at (800) 979-6440
        • Contact your Agent


        Claims Center Is Your 24-Hour, Online Access to:

        • Report a new claim
        • Check the status of your existing claim
        • View and upload photos and documents
        • View payment details
        • Send messages to the team handling your claim

        If you have insurance policies with Texas FAIR Plan Association and Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, you can use Claims Center to report and manage claims with both.

        What You Will Need to Report a Claim

        Claims Reporting Checklist

        Below is the information you need to have ready when reporting a claim to TFPA.

        • Your TFPA policy number
        • The details and a brief description of what caused the damage
        • The best contact information for reaching you

        After Reporting a Claim

        What Are the Next Steps?

        Once you’ve reported your claim, a TFPA representative will contact you as soon as possible. If necessary, make any temporary or minor repairs to protect your property from further damage. Remember to take photos of the damage, keep receipts and records of payment for any temporary repairs. Do not begin making permanent repairs until a TFPA-assigned adjuster or representative has contacted you and inspected your property.

        Dispute a Claim

        What to Do if You Disagree With TFPA’s Assessment of Your Claim

        If you disagree with our evaluation of your claim, please call us at 800-979-6440, option 1, to discuss your concerns. We may require additional information that could justify additional payments.


        In the event we are unable to reach an agreement, your TFPA policy provides the option to enter into appraisal. Under the terms of your policy, appraisal is a process for resolving the disputed value of your claim, or the costs of repair and/or replacement. Damages not covered under your policy, or damages beyond the scope of your loss, are not subject to appraisal.

        The first step in the appraisal process is to provide us notice in writing of your request for appraisal.

        Next, you and TFPA will each hire an independent and competent party to serve as an appraiser. The two appraisers may also choose an umpire. Each appraiser will prepare an estimate of your loss, and if they cannot agree, will present their estimates to the umpire. An appraisal award signed by any two of the parties will set the value of the loss. Each party will pay its own appraiser and bear the other expenses of the umpire equally.

        Protect Yourself from Fraud

        And How to Report It

        TFPA is committed to preventing and fighting insurance fraud as part of our mission to provide essential property insurance products to Texans. Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime.

        What is insurance fraud?

        Insurance fraud is the intentional use of deception to receive money or other benefits in an insurance transaction.

        Insurance fraud includes falsifying information on an insurance application, exaggerating a claim for damages, or billing for services never rendered.

        Why should I worry?

        Insurance fraud contributes to higher policyholder premiums and higher costs of goods and services because businesses pass the increased costs on to their customers.

        How can you protect yourself?

        Contact TFPA’s Fraud Hotline at 800-625-0425 or the Texas Department of Insurance at 888-327-8818 if you think you’re being scammed or someone asks you to take part in fraudulent activity.

        What is TFPA doing to help?

        • Special Investigation Unit: TFPA contracts with trained investigators who have law enforcement experience to investigate suspected fraud.
        • Training employees: TFPA trains claims and underwriting staff on how to spot fraud.
        • Educating consumers: TFPA educates consumers about how to protect their families against scams and offers a toll-free hotline to report fraud.
        • Coordinating with regulators: TFPA works closely with the Texas Department of Insurance to report and investigate suspected fraud.

        TDI Fraud Prevention Toolkit for City and County Officials

        The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) offers an online toolkit to help communities avoid fraud and start the recovery process after a disaster strikes. The toolkit lists actions local officials can take to deter scams, such as requiring permits for out-of-town solicitors and contractors. It also has printable flyers in English and Spanish, sample social media posts, and links to other resources.

        View the Texas Department of Insurance online toolkit for city and county officials

        Claims Center Help

        Reporting Your Claim Online

        Are you an agent? Visit our agent training center for information on using TFPA systems.