A Reminder About Coverages

As property owners continue to identify and report damage from February's winter storms, we want to provide a few reminders about TFPA coverages, claim reporting, and disaster assistance resources.

Reminders About TFPA Coverages

  • Named peril policy: TFPA policies provide coverage on a “named peril” basis. This means if the peril isn’t specifically named in the policy, it is not covered. Unlike traditional homeowner’s policies, the TFPA policy does not provide coverage for damage caused by:
    • the accidental discharge of water (e.g. plumbing system leaks, see below);
    • freezing temperatures;
    • the weight of ice or snow;
    • collapse; or
    • falling objects, including downed limbs due to ice.

Policyholders and agents are encouraged to review their policies for specific coverage details.

  • Plumbing system leaks: As mentioned above, damage caused by the accidental discharge of water, such as plumbing system leaks, is not automatically covered by the policy. However, this coverage is available through endorsement HO-400 or HO-401. Each has a limit of $5,000. These endorsements are not available for Dwelling policies.

Ways to Report a Claim
Policyholders who need to report a claim have three ways to do so:

  1. Report online (fastest option)
  2. Call (800) 979-6440
  3. Contact their agent

Questions for TFPA?
Learn about our post-storm operations related to payments, policy submissions, and claims here. We are committed to helping policyholders avoid lapses in coverage wherever possible.

Should you have any questions or concerns, our Agent Services team is here to help. Connect with us at agentservices@twia.org or (800) 979-6440.

Resources for Federal & State Disaster Assistance
Please consider sharing these disaster assistance resources for the Texas Winter Storms.