TFPA Agent Gateway – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Effective October 2018, Agent Gateway is our new policy and claims management system. Our old policy and claims management system, TFPA Agent Portal, was retired in September 2020.

Below are frequently asked questions about Agent Gateway. Please refer to the agent training page for more information on using Agent Gateway.

Please be aware of the following:

  • The new TFPA system username is your email address. Please login to Agent Gateway using your email address that is on file with TFPA.
  • If you are the Primary Contact for your agency, you were sent an email providing a link and instructions to establish a password to access our new Agent Gateway portal. The recipient of the email was responsible for establishing additional users within their agencies. If you did not receive this email, please contact Policy Services at For assistance, please visit our Training Center for job aids on Setting Passwords and Adding Users in Agent Gateway.
  • If multiple users access Agent Gateway on one computer in your agency, you may be “caught in a loop” and the system may not allow you to continue. Please clear the cache on your computer's internet browser and log in again. Instructions on how to clear your cache are included in the Agency Login & User Administration section below.

How was the agency established in Agent Gateway? Do we need a new login?

Yes, a new login is required for Agent Gateway. When this system launched in 2018, an email was sent to the primary contact of your agency. That person acts as the administrator and should have established the agency and its users. If you need assistance, please contact Policy Services at

Would a new user need to be set up by the administrator first?

First, your agency's primary contact must establish their user role as an administrator for the agency in Agent Gateway. Then, they will have access to set up new agency users.

Does the account administrator have the ability to limit the access privileges for individual users?

The administrator assigns each user a role with specific permissions and level of access when adding them to the system. These roles assigned to users can also be changed as needed by the administrator.

What if more than one agent is using the same computer to access Agent Gateway?

You may experience technical difficulties logging into Agent Gateway if another user has recently used the same computer to access the system. To troubleshoot, clear your internet browser’s cache between user sessions. If you continue to experience issues logging in, contact Policy Services at or (800) 979-6443.

How do I clear my internet browser's cache?

To clear your cache in Chrome:

  • On your computer, open Chrome
  • At the top right, click More
  • Click More tools and then Clear browsing data
  • At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time
  • Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes
  • Click Clear data

To clear your cache on Internet Explorer:

  • Click on the cog-symbol in the upper right corner of the browser and open the menu "Extras"
    Select the item "Internet options"
  • In the tab "General" you can find a section "Browser history." When you click on the button "Delete" a new Window opens
  • Remove all checks despite the selection "temporary internet and website data"
  • Click on the button "Delete" to empty the browser cache. In comparison to other browsers there is no option to select the time period. You'll delete all cache data.
  • Reload the page

What if the EIN has changed?  Should we register in Agent Gateway under the old EIN and then make a change?

If the old EIN is still on file, use the old one to register for Agent Gateway and then update it with TFPA.

Are policies bound immediately in Agent Gateway?

Policies are bound immediately if paid through a mortgage company. Otherwise, the policy is bound when a minimum down payment is received from the policyholder, assuming underwriting guidelines are met.

If the policyholder is paying the down payment with a money order, when will their coverage start?

It will start when the payment is received by TFPA. Coverage will not begin until the minimum down payment is received by TFPA if the premium is policyholder paid.

If we aren't ready to submit, is the quote saved?

The system saves the quote after each page is completed. You can search for the quote or find it in the open quotes tab on the Agent Gateway dashboard.

Are credit checks a part of the application process?

No, credit checks are not a part of Agent Gateway. TFPA does not use credit scoring.

Does Agent Gateway order loss reports?

The system orders loss history reports using the ISO A-PLUS reports.

Do policyholders have online access to their policies?

No, policyholders do not have access to their policies online.

Is the loss report pulled at time of quoting or not until after binding?

The loss report is pulled during the quoting process and the results are factored into the premium calculation.

Is the replacement cost estimator the same website (MSB) and login? Is it still separate from TFPA’s quoting system?

With the Agent Gateway deployment, TFPA upgraded to a newer version of MSB that agents can access through Agent Gateway. Agents no longer have a separate login to MSB.

If a standardized address is not found, such as with brand new construction, can we still get a quote?

You cannot override the address if a standardized mailing address is provided. However, the system will accept the address you input if there is not a potential match presented.

How has pulling value from MSB changed?

MSB is incorporated into Agent Gateway to provide values for the quote. A value is automatically calculated based on the information provided. However, agents have access to the valuation to make changes on the MSB site and refresh the value in the quote to reflect those changes.

Can endorsements be submitted through Agent Gateway?

Additional coverage endorsements are part of the quoting process.

Can we get a quote without entering a mortgage company and then go back later to add it?

Yes, you can quote and submit an application without entering a mortgage company, except when you select the mortgagee as the payor. You can submit a policy change for the mortgage company on Agent Gateway.

How does the Agent Gateway affect business with TWIA?

Business applications with TWIA are not affected. For TWIA Claims Center users, you must update your password as part of the security upgrade that happened with this deployment in October 2018.

Does Agent Gateway accept a credit card as a form of payment?

No, credit cards are not an available payment option.

What installment plans and down payments are available for the policyholder?

Policyholders can pay in the following installments:

  • full payment
  • 2-pay, or payments twice a year
  • 4-pay, or quarterly payments
  • 10-pay, or monthly payments. 10 pay requires automatic draft from a checking account.

The down payment amount varies based on the payment plan selected. Please visit our ePayments webpage to learn more.

Can mortgage companies post payments in Agent Gateway?

No, mortgage companies must mail payments to TFPA.

What happens if the automatic payment is declined? Will the agent receive a notice that the payment was not made?

The policyholder would be notified by their bank about the declined payment. The agent will not receive a notification that a payment was declined. Agent notification of this issue will come in the form of a notice of cancellation for non-payment.

How many days do policyholders have to make the first payment after new business is submitted? How long is a quote good for?

A quoted offer is good for 30 days and a minimum down payment is required within that 30 day window.

How do you recommend we make a premium payment for a policyholder who has paid in cash?

TFPA recommends having the policyholder convert the cash into certified funds, such as a money order or cashier’s check. The certified funds can then be mailed to TFPA.

Are payments required to be hand-cancelled?

No, this only applies to TWIA policies.

Can the policyholder pay electronically themselves?

Yes, the policyholder can pay electronically from their bank account through our pay connection site. A policyholder email address must be provided during the quoting process to allow for e-payments. They will be sent registration information for the e-payments system.

Can a policyholder establish electronic, automatic payments and then decide to mail in payments to TFPA?
Policyholders can establish e-payments for all payment plans. For the 2-pay or the 4-pay options, they can choose to cancel their automatic payments and mail in payments to TFPA.

The 10 pay option must remain on automatic payment (auto draft) throughout the length of the installment period or until paid in full.

How does billing work on Agent Gateway?

In Agent Gateway, an agent selects how the premium is being paid (policyholder, mortgagee) and available installment plans.

Payments can be paid to TFPA in the following ways: Policyholders may set up e-payments and payment plans, a mortgage company may mail a check from the escrow account, and a check can be mailed to TFPA with the payment coupon attached to the offer.

Is there an agency sweep or an agency payment option?

At this time, agency accounts cannot be billed or drafted for premium payments.

Is mailing in a check still an option when the policyholder is the payor?

Yes, policyholder can still mail a payment to TFPA using the payment coupon on the offer letter.

Is the policyholder allowed to choose the payment date?

No, the payment date is generated based on the submission date.

Is the premium the same for policyholder pay or mortgage pay?

Yes, the premium is the same. However, policyholder pay installments do have fees added depending on the installment plan selected.

Can policyholders stop payment on their automatic drafts?

Yes, however, if payment is not received by the due date, the cancellation process will begin. The automatic draft cannot be stopped on a 10-pay plan unless the premium has been paid in full.

Are we able to make a payment online for the policyholder if they come into the office to pay?

No, only the policyholder is able to make payments online.

Are the installment fees shown in the installments listed?

Yes, the fees are shown in the payment plans for the policyholder installment options.

Can the policyholder change their bank account that they established for e-payments?

Yes, they can log in to the payment site and update bank account information.

Can we update the billing mode if the policyholder wanted to move from 2-pay to 4-pay?

Once an application has been submitted, the payment plan cannot be changed.

Can a title check be accepted for a premium payment?

Yes, those can be mailed in to TFPA for processing.

Can you cancel policies in Agent Gateway?

No, cancellation requests will need to be emailed to

Can we view pending cancellations in Agent Gateway?

Yes, you can view pending cancellations in Agent Gateway.

Can we make policy changes in Agent Gateway instead of by email?

Yes. Mortgagee changes and some coverage change options to amend coverage amounts, deductibles, additional insured are examples of the type of changes are available online. You can use the Change Policy button when viewing the policy summary screen in Agent Gateway. All other policy changes should be emailed to

Does misspelling the named insured require a new application?

No, you do not have to put in a new application for a name misspelling. If a name is misspelled on an application, please email the update to

Does a property address correction require a new application?

Yes, incorrect property addresses of the location to be insured do require a new application in Agent Gateway.

Do coverage changes have an option to upload supporting documentation with the change?

Yes, you can upload supporting documentation when making policy changes.

When you make a coverage change, are you able to quote the change before submitting?

Yes, you can quote the coverage change before submitting it.

Is Agent Gateway paperless?

Yes, it is paperless. All documents, such as the renewal notice, two year non-renewal notices, inspections, payment notices, declaration pages, and cancellations are part of the documents tab in the policy and can be viewed or printed. These documents are not mailed to agents.

Is there a way to print the quote prior to binding?

No, the quote cannot be printed prior to binding.

Can we see commission statements in Agent Gateway?

If you are an administrator, or have been granted this access by your administrator, you should be able to see commission statements in Agent Gateway.

Can inspection request pictures or letters be submitted in Agent Gateway?

Yes, they can be submitted under the documents tab for the policy or uploaded on an activity if one is sent from TFPA Underwriting.

When will we get an email for items in Agent Gateway?

When documents such as a policy issuance, cancellation, or renewal are created in Agent Gateway, the system will generate an email notification. You will also receive an email notifying you of activities in Agency Gateway requiring your attention if you have not logged into the system for an extended period of time.

When submitting a quote in Agent Gateway, if there is an email address entered for the policyholder, does the system give the option of forwarding the quote to their email?

No, the system does not have the capability to send documents to the policyholder.

In Agent Gateway, does the agent still need to print out documents and have the policyholder sign them?

Yes, all documents that require signatures continue to require them in Agent Gateway.

Are policyholders be able to sign documents electronically?

No, electronic signatures are not part of the Agent Gateway system.

Are renewals that are in Agent Gateway still mailed to the agent?

No, Agent Gateway is paperless for agents. All documentation, including renewals generated by Agent Gateway, are uploaded to the policy in that system. Agents can view these in the documents section. Policies that renew in Agent Gateway are not mailed to the agent.

When renewals migrated in 2019, did existing policies merge with accounts created in Agent Gateway?

No, the new system generated a separate account in Agent Gateway.

Did policy numbers change for existing policyholders when the policy is migrated to Agent Gateway?

Policy numbers did not change when migrated.

Does Agent Gateway integrate or download into other systems like Eagent or Ivans?

No, Agent Gateway does not integrate with outside systems.

Is our login for TFPA applicable to the TWIA system as well, or are they separate?

The Agent Gateway login is also applicable to the TWIA Claims Center system. Your TWIA login information for policy applications remains the same.

With what web browsers is Agent Gateway compatible?

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari (mobile only).