Commissions are paid to agents at the beginning of each month. To receive commission on a TFPA policy it must be both issued and effective.

Two Ways to Receive Commissions

Via USPS mail. You may receive your commission check via US Postal Service at your address of record. The paper checks are issued and mailed on the fifth business day each month. When you register to submit TFPA applications, you are automatically signed up to receive commission checks through the mail.

Via direct deposit. The most efficient way to receive commission payments it through Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposit. Commission payments handled as ACH transactions are directly deposited into your designated personal bank account on or before the fifth business day of each month.

TFPA will only deposit commission payments to your designated personal bank account. We will not draw on this account for unearned commission owed to TFPA. If your commission statement shows a negative balance indicating you have unearned commission, you should mail your check to TFPA within 10 days of receiving the statement.

To Set Up Direct Deposit

Fill out a direct depot form. Scan it and a copy of a voided check. Email both to

You may also mail the completed direct deposit form and voided check to:

TFPA Agent Registrar
P.O. Box 99080
Austin, Texas 78709-9080

To Update the Email Address Associated with Commission Statements

To change the email address where commission statements are sent, fill out the agent name, TDI license number, and email address on the direct depot form and email it to