What TFPA Services Are Available and Are Not Available

Due to ongoing weather and infrastructure issues throughout Texas, TFPA offices and systems remain unavailable. Based on state and local advisories, we do not anticipate returning to normal business operations for the rest of this week. We have also cancelled the February 22 TFPA Governing Committee meeting.

What services are currently available?

  • Our claims call center is taking calls at (800) 979-6440.
  • Our claims team is contacting policyholders when and where that is possible. However, due to power, internet, and technology constraints, please expect delays in on-site inspections and claims processing times.
  • We are accepting premium payments at our Policy Premium Payment Mailing Address. Because our systems are currently unavailable, these payments will not be reflected on policies until systems come back online.

What services are NOT available?

  • The TFPA Agent Gateway and Claims Center systems are offline.
    • This means agents will be unable to submit new policies, change policies, inquire about the status of a policy, print Declarations pages, submit claims, or view the status of a claim.
  • Calls made directly to TFPA phone numbers will not connect.
    • You can still report a claim by calling (800) 979-6440.
  • Emails may not be answered until power is restored in Austin and surrounding areas.

We will send agents and Agent Bulletin and post to our website when our operations begin returning to normal. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we respond to the impacts of this winter storm.