TFPA is Prepared for Tropical Depression Harvey

TFPA has activated our CAT Plan in response to the storm currently known as Tropical Depression Harvey. An important part of this effort has been making sure that all TFPA associates and leadership understand their responsibility in executing our plan and assisting policyholders and agents should the storm make landfall in Texas.

Yesterday and today, TFPA staff have been:

  • Continuously reviewing new information as it becomes available from the National Weather Service (NWS) and other public and private weather tracking entities
  • Reviewing plans to ensure necessary actions are taken prior to landfall
  • Communicating with vendors to ensure resources are in place, should they be required
  • Coordinating with coastal Offices of Emergency Management

Tomorrow and beyond, we will continue to communicate important information to our agent community via Agent Bulletins and our website, as Tropical Depression Harvey and our preparations continue to develop.

As a reminder, TFPA’s General Manager may deem the storm a threat and elect to place a moratorium on all or part of the coverage area, which means no coverage will be bound during that time. This can be decided by zip code, county, or the entire state. If this happens, we will send a bulletin and post on our website to let agents know.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Agent Services at or 1-800-979-6440.