Severe Weather Agent Bulletin

TFPA Responds to Serve Weather in Texas Communities

High winds, hail, and rain impacted a number of Texas communities last week and over the weekend, including Harris, Fort Bend, and Tarrant counties.  

TFPA plans for severe weather events and is responding to meet the needs of our policyholders.  
To ensure quality service to those affected by the recent storms:

  • Phone support is available 24/7
  • Field adjusters have been dispatched to impacted areas for rapid assessment of damages
  • TFPA representatives are contacting policyholders within 24 hours of filing a claim to explain the claim process and provide contact information
  • Each policyholder is assigned a TFPA Claims Examiner to guide him or her through the claims process
  • Management is continuously monitoring claim volume to ensure sufficient staff and resources are  
    available to provide a high-level of customer service

To Report a Claim for Damages or Check the Status of an Existing Claim

For fastest service call the TFPA 24-Hour Call Center at (800) 979-6440  
Click Report a Claim on the TFPA website

TFPA will assign a claims examiner to contact the policyholder as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.  If necessary, please advise the policyholder to make any temporary or minor repairs to protect his or her property from further damage and to keep receipts and records of payment for any temporary repairs. Permanent repairs should not begin until a TFPA-assigned field adjuster or representative has made contact and inspected the damaged property.