Claims Deadline Confusion

We have become aware of several social media posts urging policyholders to file claims before September 1, 2017 because new legislation effective September 1 significantly affects the amount they will recover for their claim. It is our opinion that these social media posts overstate the impact of the new law on claims filed on or after September 1, 2017.

Two important facts for our agents to remember while assisting clients:

1. The law does not apply to TWIA.

2. The law does apply to TFPA; however, the legislation does not change how a claim is filed or how an insurer will process your claim. Learn more via TDI here.

Claims can be filed online by policyholders and agents alike at TFPA Claims Center or by calling 800-979-6440.

To check the status of an existing claim or ask any claims-related questions, call us at 800-979-6440 or request a claim status through our easy to use online Contact Us form.