E-Payment Frequently Asked Questions

What to Know About TFPA E-Payments

Do I need to login to make a one-time payment?
Yes. Please click here to learn more about one-time payment.

I do not remember the pay plan my agent selected while submitting the application.
You can find the pay plan selected for your policy in the email you received from TFPA when your agent submitted your TFPA policy application. If you cannot locate the email or the pay plan in the email, please contact your agent, who will help you with the pay plan details.

Can I change my pay plan for the TFPA policy?
No. The pay plan selected at the time of submission of the TFPA policy application cannot be changed. Please contact your agent for more details, or if you want to make any other changes to the policy.

My TFPA policy pay plan is 4 Payments/2 Payments. Can I set up automatic payments for the remaining installments of the policy?
Yes. Please log in to your e-payment account and follow the instructions on the screen to set-up automatic payments for the remaining installments of the policy.

I have received a renewal offer from TFPA. How should I make the down payment online for the offer?
Please visit the E-Payment Home page and follow the instructions on the screen for the pay plan of your renewal offer. If you need more information, please select the appropriate Help options to the right on the home page.

My TFPA policy is on a Recurring Payments (Auto Draft) pay plan. How can I opt not to renew the policy?
Please contact your TFPA agent immediately.

I do not remember my UserID to log in to my e-payment account.
You can find your UserID in the policy documents you received from TFPA.

I have multiple TFPA policies on one account. Which location zip code should I use for initial login to e-payment?
You should use the location zip code of the first policy offer of the account.

Where can I learn more about logging in and making a payment?
Check out these guides for more information about getting started: