September 25: Old TFPA Policy Management System Shutting Down

Attention TFPA agents:
If you have any need for information stored in TFPA Agent Portal (our old policy and claims management system) that you want to keep for future reference, please access and save it to your computer before Friday, September 25. At that time, we will be shutting down the old system (TFPA Agent Portal).

After September 25, you may contact our Agent Services team at for policy or claims information associated with policies that cancelled or expired in TFPA Agent Portal and did not migrate to the new system (TFPA Agent Gateway).

The TFPA Agent Gateway (our current system) replaced the TFPA Agent Portal in October 2018. Since then, agents have managed all new business, renewals, and the claims associated with these policies in TFPA Agent Gateway. Now, all active policies are available in TFPA Agent Gateway. The system replacement process is complete, and we are shutting down TFPA Agent Portal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Agent Services at or (800) 979-6440.