TFPA Email Security Data Protection Program – Secure Email Notice

We all have a role to perform in protecting business data and can agree it would be potentially dangerous if sensitive and private information were to fall into the wrong hands.

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association has a desire to protect policy owner and other stakeholder data. As such, we will soon implement measures to better safeguard personally identifiable information and financial data transmitted in our communications to the agent community.

A secure email program will be launched effective November 12, 2018. This initiative requires email sender and receiver action to help manage, control, and protect data exchanged from our Association network in a safer manner.

Effective November 12, email sent from the Association containing sensitive information will be secured. As a potential recipient of a secured email, there are some things that agents need to know. We will communicate key details to our agent community as we get closer to the implementation.

We realize taking the extra measure to secure emails with sensitive data may be a small inconvenience. However, it is very important that we all do what we can to secure stakeholder data. We ask that agents be on the lookout for information to come next week related to the Association’s Data Protection Program.

Thank you for your understanding.